Theta Healing

theta healing


Theta healing is a set of tools and techniques that allows you to access the subconscious mind and change thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you.

This healing works by me accessing the Theta brain wave state is able to command and witness the healing taking place. This is done on the level of quantum physics and it is where science and spirituality are now linked.

By using Theta healing techniques you can create a system of beliefs that support a healthy and abundant life.

Theta healing is based on the acceptance that there is a higher divine Consciousness in the Universe, often referred to as God, Creator, or Source of all that is good. Theta healing is not based on any religion, but on an acceptance that there is a higher Source that can be worked with to change aspects of your life.

The ‘theta’ in Theta healing relates to the slow brainwave achieved when in a deep meditation. The theta healing technique enables the practitioner to go very quickly into a deep meditation without a long process of getting there. Whilst in the theta state the practitioner will be able to “witness”, or see the healing taking place. They will intuitively receive information about beliefs and feelings to work with and observe as healing takes place.

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