Sapphire of the Angels Attunment


Sapphires are available in many different colours and all have different properties. Each angel connects you to the energy of these wonderful sapphires.

Sapphires are known as the wisdom stone and this, along with the guidance of each Archangel will help you on your spiritual and life path.

You do not need to purchase each sapphire as a stone – they can be placed etherically in to your aura and the qualities and properties of each sapphire will be permanently there.

Simply welcome and accept the wisdom that each angelic sapphire is bringing to you and feel the qualities and wisdom infuse your body, soul and aura to help guide you on your spiritual path.

When you are in need of extra guidance and wisdom simply call upon the Archangel and Sapphire to guide and protect you.

The colour of Angels attunment is a prerequisite to receiving the sapphire of angels attunments.

Once ordered you will receive a manual and an attunment date and time can then be set.

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