Angel Card Readings

new angels in the sky


When you come for a reading, you will come looking for answers to a specific question.

With the use of Angel Cards I will connect to the Angels to provide you with an answer to the questions you have.

This is a very gentle loving therapy, when you are feeling a bit ‘stuck’ and are in need of guidance our Angels are always here to listen and help guide us through.

This session will leave feeling refreshed and you will leave with a renewed clarity.

Each reading is both inspiring and supportive and you will find yourself connected with your true desires, giving you the clarity to move forward with ease.  We all have angels who are with communicating and guiding us.   Our angels want us to have happy and fulfilled lives, let them guide you through an angel reading.

You can also ask your angels any questions you wish to have answered by them you do not need to tell me the question you have asked.  All I ask is that you tell me if I have answered your question.

The reading can last for up to an hour


If you would like to book an appointment please contact me on


In line with current rules and regulations I have to say the below:

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.