Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage

This wonderful ancient massage has taken place throughout the Himalayan region and Tibet for thousands of years and draws on Indian, Chinese and Persian wisdom.

The hands-on technique applied in Tibetan massage are similar to those used in Japanese Hand Massage, with the use of normal massage techniques and the use of Tsubo points (acupressure).

Anyone who as ever experiences a good hand massage will sigh with pleasure with the memory. Our hands are one of the most overused parts of the body, but in general they can be sadly neglected. Even if we look after our nails we have probably missed one of the greatest pleasures that of a hand massage. A good hand massage will help to de-stress, open channels and create a feeling of well-being.

Hand massage is especially appreciated by people who use their hands often for activities like working with computers, repetitive tasks, knitting, playing squash or tennis, or for more heavy usage such as mechanical or physical labour. Any condition that creates an energy block in the head, shoulders or upper spine responds very well to hand massage.

This therapy lasts 30 minutes.

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