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I wish you a warm welcome to Angels Rest Therapies.

This is my new site, dedicated solely to the therapies I offer in my therapy room called Angels Rest.  The name reflects the work I do with the angels and because I think that we are all angels and in need of rest and relaxation.

Holistic therapy is a form of treatment that considers the whole person – mind, body, spirit and emotions.  It is the theory that if one part of the body is not working properly, the other parts will be affected.

Holistic therapy is a team approach involving both the therapist and the client.

The therapies you will find on this site are all about the mind, body, spirit and emotions, whether you just need to spend some time pampering yourself or lying on the therapy couch having a healing session, Angels Rest is truly the place to come.

Check out the news page for monthly offers and any other news we have to share.

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