Massage Prices:

Japanese Hand Massage                 £30

Hand Reflexology                             £30

Korean Hand Acupressure             £30

Thai Hand Massage                         £30

Thai Foot Massage                           £35

Eastern Facial Massage                   £30

Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage   £30

Thai Hand and Foot Massage         £50

Energy Therapies:

Angel Card Readings                       £40

Angelic Reiki                                      £40

Reiki                                                    £40

Angel Energy Healing                       £40

Theta Healing                                     £40

Spiritual Healing                                £40

Emotional Freedom Technique       £40

Colours of the Angels Initiation       £30

Sapphire of the angels Attunment  £30



For the above therapies, I am offering a 25% discount for the Armed forces and veterans.


£35 per 50 minute session

On initial contact, I will arrange a one-off assessment session, for us to meet, explore why you are interested or feel that you may need counselling. This will give an opportunity to decide whether you would like to go ahead with more sessions. This cost of this initial session is £50 and will last approximately 90 minutes.

For couples my fee per session is £50 for 60 minutes.

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